Line dance classes are available in the Villages no matter what level of dance you enjoy. We ask that you adhere to the following guidelines when attending appropriate classes for your dance level. Click here if your are unsure of your dance level skills and/or which classes to attend.

  • Wear shoes that will stay on your feet. Sandals must have a strap around the heel—no flip flops, mules, slides, etc.” If wearing sneakers give them a "scuff" on the floor to see how "sticky" they are. 
  • Space on the dance floor can be “saved” only by standing on the spot. Do not place objects on the floor.
  • No heavy scents (perfume, scented soaps, or creams, etc). Many people have allergies and scents can permeate the entire room.  
  • Take small steps to keep safe distance and use low kicks 
  • Never stop moving on the dance floor; keep moving in the general direction of the other dancers. Never walk through lines of moving dancers.
  • Avoid staying on the floor to chat. Please go to the sidelines if you must chat.
  • Be kind and encouraging to absolute beginners as we were all AB at some point.
  • Don't carry liquids or food onto the floor as spills can cause accidents.
  • Mute cell phones. 
  • Don't "teach" on the floor. It is considered "rude" to the instructor.
  • If you have a problem or concern, please share it with the instructor after class. Give the instructor a chance to address the concern. Please don't shout out concerns in front of everyone.