Welcome to the Villages Line Dance Community

We Hope you Have a Wonderful Experience as a Village Line Dancer

You do not need a partner to line dance. You do need a valid Villages Resident ID card (or Guest Pass) but there is no fee for any line dance class outside the Enrichment Academy (TEA). No pre-registration is needed.

Admission is first come, first served. You will, however, need your official Villages ID, Lifestyle ID, or guest pass. Some instructors establish participant limits, and afternoon classes tend to fill more quickly than early morning classes, especially during the winter months so plan to arrive early. You may want to bring something small, unbreakable, and non-adhesive to informally reserve a spot on the dance floor (for yourself only, allowed in some classes but not in others). As a brand-new dancer, you'll want to avoid dancing on either end of a row or in the back - when we turn, you'll find yourself "in the front" with no one to watch.

We require you to wear shoes that will stay on your feet, please, and recommend good support. Sandals must fit snugly and have a strap around the heel. We allow no mules, slides, clogs, flip-flops, etc. Most dancers are comfortable in athletic-type shoes, though the soles don't slide easily. If you find "sticking" to be a problem, you may want to add "dance socks," a band that slides over the toe and stops at the instep of the shoe. You can make your own slides by cutting off the tops of crew socks, or you can purchase inexpensive ready-made dance socks/slides online. Sprinkling or spraying any substance (e.g., powder) is not allowed in any Villages Recreation Department facility.

We also ask that you avoid wearing any type of heavy scent to class, including but not limited to perfumes, after-shave products, skin creams, laundry additives, strongly scented deodorants, CBD oils, etc. Many Villagers are highly sensitive to various scents--to the point of causing dizziness, headache, and/or nausea--and fragrances tend to smell stronger once we all get warm while dancing.

IMPORTANT!!! In The Villages, plain "BEGINNER" is Level 2 and NOT entry level line dance instruction. Level 1 is called Ultra/Absolute/Basic Beginner. "Beginner: Level 2" classes are seldom appropriate for someone whose experience is limited to Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, and other party/wedding line dances. You can find classes in the listings in the weekly Recreation News or click on Dance Schedule to view classes by levels.  

Are you ready for Level 2 - Beginner. Click here to view details concerning skills required to move up to Level 2.